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Curbed Inside: The Floating Homes of Mission Creek

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This past weekend, Curbed SF went on a tour of the houseboats, or "floating homes" as it were, of Mission Creek. Once more or less considered squatters, owners of the city's houseboats were thought of as "a bunch of hippies" by the Port of San Francisco, according to one resident. But now that they've won a master lease from the Port, just recently re-signed through 2055, these guys are totally legit now. Just in time to watch the empty land around them fill in with insta-condos, naturally. The community of about 20 houseboats and 50 people don't seem too thrilled with the architecture of their neighbors across the creek, but at least one didn't mind seeing, you know, other people around for a change— until recently, they were the only people out there. The boats vary dramatically from one to the next: from owner-built to architect-redesigned, and from quirky and small to huge and Dwell-y. Conclusion: all-around awesome.