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Back From the Grave: SF PUC Eco-Palace

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The on-again, off-again glass palace SFPUC building is now on again. Why the change of heart? Could have something to do with the promise of a cash influx in the form of one very green-friendly stimulus package. The groundbreaking of the $188 million, platinum-LEED certified building stacked from top to bottom with wind turbines and solar panels was planned for a March 2008 groundbreaking— until the mayor's new PUC director woke up in a cold sweat one night with visions of angry utility payers shaking their pitchforks at PUC's new eco-Versailles. Let them eat cake and all that. So the project was put on hold, with the possibility of being simply downsized to only "modestly" green. Apparently so confident of a stimulus check is PUC that contractor Webcor is already "mobilizing" to tear down the current structure at 525 Golden Gate. And if the money doesn't rain down from heaven? "We will have to consider other options."
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