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Obama-Era SF: NIMBYs, Developers Kiss and Make Up?

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The recent debate over the construction of a mixed-use project at 299 Valencia was different from previous NIMBY-type wars, says Matt Smith of SF Weekly. Yes, asking the Planning Commission, and then the Board of Supes, to allow 50 percent more parking was contentious, but this time, since developer J.S. Sullivan did other things to make the project pedestrian-friendly (ground-floor storefronts and underground parking, to name a couple) he was OK'd— an exception that the "spirit" of the Market and Octavia plan had allowed room for. Smith: "But it was the content of the discussion, rather than the hair-splitting outcome of that meeting, that gave me hope. I witnessed a previously unheard tone of debate, in which all parties said they were in favor of allowing the city to change. San Francisco, in other words, seemed be ready to join the Obama era."
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