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Hipsters Rally: American Apparel Awakens A Sleeping Giant

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Here's the opening salvo in what will come to be known as the hipster wars: one Stop American Apparel blog, home and epicenter of the movement to keep Dov Charney's hipster wares out of the hipster hood itself. Former Supe Tom Ammiano must be having trouble sleeping these days— he was the one who tried, but obviously didn't try hard enough, to ban chain stores in the Mission. As has been known for a while now, the purveyor of all things monochromatic and vaguely sleazy has been planning its invasion to set up shop at 988 Valencia for some time, but with the public hearing imminent— pencil in Feb. 5, friends— the public can expect the riotous opposition to get moving. Just to be clear, says a post on Stop American Apparel: it's not about hating their threads. "An American Apparel on Valencia would establish a beachhead for big box chain stores which would undoubtably be followed by Gap, Banana Republic, Starbucks, etc." It's really the "etc." that's the most ominous.
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