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Jazz Fail: Venue-to-Be Goes Back to the City

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The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has thrown in the towel and sold the historic Muni substation at Fillmore and Turk back to the city. Reason? The only two proposals pitched for the site were both neither good enough nor fiscally sound. The $3.3 million that was set aside for the substation project has now been reshuffled to other projects— no mention of what, though, specifically (ahem, Yoshi's?). The building was had by the SFRA five years ago for a mere $900,000, with the idea of turning it into a kind of jazzy, good-for-the-kids venue/community center thing. Seems two things were dead weights on the whole notion: 1) lots of retrofitting would have been needed, and 2) the good-for-the-kids building use restriction. A Fillmore community pillar type says the restriction has got to go if the building's ever going to do something other than gather dust. Yeah! If Yoshi's can live without jazz, so can the kids.
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