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PriceSpotter Reveal: Little House in the Inner Sunset

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So how much for a type B earthquake shack with a spiffy elevated walkway? Well, spiffy if, as one would reasonably assume, the buyer fills the dirt in with a nice lawn. Or really, to be 2009-compliant, a victory garden. Stats roundup: Inner Sunset, 2 beds, 1 bath, 920 square feet, unfinished attic, three unwarranted rooms, and views that may or may not last. Verdict? Tweety, who nailed it with $549,000: "I always wanted a house with a moat!" For that price, it's practically yours for the taking.
· 1842 10th Ave. [MLS]
· PriceSpotter: Little House on the Inner Sunset Prairie [Curbed SF]