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Not Enough Green in Hunters Point Plan, Report Says

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A report by two enviro/planning outfits says megadeveloper Lennar's designs on Superfun Superfund site Hunters Point don't give enough priority to the area's natural wildlife and "ecological assets." For one thing, they'd like a bridge connecting two land parcels across Yosemite Slough to be reconsidered because of its potential impact on the environment. Plus, they say, there's not enough space in Lennar's plan for natural habitat, and if that 49ers stadium gets built, there'll be even less. In a perfect world, the two organizations say a rejiggering of the Hunters Point development to have denser housing would provide more open space. The city appears to be more or less meh on the issues raised in the report, though they will seek the authors' endorsements to get the monster project moving along. If all goes well, approval might happen as soon as fall of this year, with completion in 15 years.
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