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Cubix Says: Don't Forget About the Little Guy

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Boutique-condo complex Cubix is slashing prices at rates approaching 30 percent. When the dorm-like units debuted in fall '08, the prices were among the lowest available for entering the market— but probably only because at 250 to 350 square feet, the units inevitably gave potential buyers flashbacks to that time their cousins locked them in the closet. Still, at almost $1,000 per square foot in some cases, Cubix didn't exactly present a bargain. The development was praised for its innovative approach to housing, but since that obviously wasn't enough— only 20 percent of units have been sold— developer Hauser Architects is holding their own "economic stimulus sale" from Inauguration Day to President's Day. So then: $215k to recapture your college years? Going once? Going twice?
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766 Harrison "Cubix"

, San Francisco, CA 94107