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Guns Are OK Again in Public Housing— If You Behave

Remember back in June when the NRA, high as a kite following a Supreme Court ruling in favor of gun ownership, sued the SF Housing Authority because their lease prohibits guns in public housing? The suit was filed on behalf of an unidentified gay man who kept a gun for fear of hate crimes. "Gotta hand it to the NRA," quipped an anonymous Curbed commenter then. "They sure know how to pander to the demographic." Fast forward to Monday of this week, when the SF Housing Authority gave in and settled, agreeing not to enforce its provision against gun possession. Apparently, everyone was cool with that. The Housing Authority's lawyer pointed out later that they never intended to enforce the ban against legal owners. "Our intention was to go after people who were engaged in criminal activity." By intimidating them with the fine print. (Note to the irony-impaired: Curbed SF does not advocate arming yourself to the teeth and going on a shooting spree. Carry on.)
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