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Greener Than Thou: Median Gets Prefab and Solar

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More action down at Market and 8th as the intersection continues its rehab. Adjacent buildings received the following notice today from the Department of Public Works, the SFMTA, and Public Utilities Commission:

As an ongoing part of the City's effort to improve safety and beautify the downtown area we will be replacing the large concrete barrier currently connected to the Muni platform at 8th and Market Street with a beautifully landscaped roadway median. The work comprises the demolition and removal of the existing concrete barrier; the Muni platform will remain. Next, a prefabricated platform will be installed and planted with drought and wind tolerant plants and foliage. Lastly, a solar-controlled, gravity-fed water tank will be installed to provide an ideal source of irrigation to the plants.

Fancy, any? We're told this is a pilot project, the first in a possible series of several similar installations along Market Street.