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Street Closures Galore: It's Market's Turn

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Looks like that idea to pedestrianize Market Street may actually be for real this time. No. Seriously. It was Chris Daly who resurrected the old idea last summer— heady days, those were, of roller bladers and zombie dancers. It was the summer leading up to the city's Sunday Streets program, if you'll recall, and with all the buzz about street closures perhaps also the right time to "go for the gold," as Daly put it. If merchants around the Embarcadero weren't super hot about losing all their car-generated business then, Free Market Streeters are saying the mood has shifted now. So what's the diff? For one, the San Francisco County Transpo Authority's actually putting pencil to paper in a preliminary study to see about "restricting" cars, rather than outright banning them. And instead of Daly's original call to clear Market from the Embarcadero to Octavia, this plan stops at Van Ness. The director of the SF Bike Coalition: "Unlike 10 years ago, I’m seeing a serious consensus amongst a broad group of interests. We have the Chamber of Commerce and traditional business standing there with us." Dudes, this'll be a cakewalk.
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