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Construction Watch: Market Street's Trinity Tease

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"Who the hell is building buildings today, 440 rentals in San Francisco, and paying all cash?" Damn good question, it is. That's Angelo Sangiacomo several months ago— the "mogul," if you will, behind Market and Hyde's 8th's upcoming Trinity Place, and owner of the decidedly stale apartment complex Trinity Plaza. And the answer to his question? Yep, Sangiacomo himself— which explains why, as projects elsewhere teeter on the brink, the first phase of Trinity Place just keeps reaching for the stars, brave little toaster that it is. A portent of tall things to come, the building's now visible from Market Street, peeking out from behind Trinity Plaza. By the time it's done, it should be rubbing shoulders with neighbor Soma Grand. From previous renderings, it looks like this one's going to be the tallest in Trinity Place, which means it'll stop at 26 stories. The shadows cometh!
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Soma Grand

1160 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Trinity Place

1188 Mission St, San Francisco, CA