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Newfangled Idea: One Plan to Rule Your Lights

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[Coit Tower in red courtesy Curbed SF Flickr photog agrinberg]

From the Not Enough Master Plans Department comes the "lighting master plan," which describes the role and use of lighting in cities to illuminate and enhance egos skylines, monuments, and pretty things. Judging by the 60-strong list of member cities belonging to the Lighting Urban Community International, it's so far a European and Asian phenomenon by far— although Philadelphia fancies itself game to plan their lights too. The concept is all about holistically coordinating the crowns and LEDs that blink, flash, and purr in the city, the idea being that they end up defining and branding not just the buildings they adorn, but the city itself. Is a lighting master plan really necessary though? A light-pollution fighter asks: "Just because we have LEDs in all the colors of the rainbow, does that mean we have to use them?" Uh, yes. Yes, we do. Just ask One Rincon Hill.
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