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Jazz for the Win: Yoshi's Gets a Bailout

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Paolo over at brother site Eater SF caught this Friday: the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency apparently gave jazz joint Yoshi's their second bailout last month— to the tune of $1.5 million. (This after an initial $1.3 million bailout, and the original $4.4 mil deal to develop the spot.) If you've been dutifully reading Eater, it should be no surprise Yoshi's has been struggling, but apparently the SFRA can't stomach the possible loss of the restaurant/club, which was invited from Oakland to anchor the 12-story Fillmore Heritage Center— not to mention the whole "jazz" concept for the formerly glorious jazz district. Yoshi's, for their part, is understandably super grateful and promises they're totally good for the money, bro. "We're hanging on, and we're going to hang on," says owner Kaz Kajimura. We're just glad someone out there's got cash to throw around.
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