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Bus Lanes Won't Ruin Everything on Geary

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Geary merchants can probably unclench a bit now that new numbers show that the boulevard's planned bus-rapid transit won't take away any streetside parking— no more than 40 spaces, anyway. With transit- and bike-friendly policies high-pri in the city as of late, businesses everywhere have been sweating it out some. Just ask the folks at Fisherman's Wharf, circa Sunday Streets. The assumption, it seems, is cars bring business, and other forms of transpo either don't, or don't bring enough. Enter: best of both worlds. The $200 million BRT project might cut total Geary parking to 1,060 spaces, but that's down from the current 1,100. No biggie, right? Some scenarios even have the total number increasing by up to 150 spaces, all while cutting a Richmond-downtown commute from one hour to 45 minutes. Don't hold your breath though: show starts 2011.
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