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REBAR Takes Parking Day to Venice

In today's Chron, John King profiles REBAR, the San Francisco art / architecture / activist collective best known for the yearly Park(ing) Day event, where dozens of metered parking spaces are transformed into commercial-free green spaces built and paid for by volunteers. The innovative trio are now on their way to Italy to show work in the prestigious Venice Biennale exhibition — along with partners Trust for Public Land, REBAR plans to jetset throughout Europe looking for "people doing cool stuff" while making over parking spaces across the globe. REBAR credits much of their success to the internet (who doesn't?) and points out that their very temporal works, many of which are only around for only an afternoon, have found extended life on blogs, web sites, and online video. Next up: A collaboration with Dutch designers Droog.
· Civic adventures with Rebar design collective [SF Gate]