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Chris "Man of the People" Daly Backpedals on Anti-Smoking Evictions

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Remember Chris Daly's anonymous "frienemy" who outed our fine Supe for his own nicotine habits? " ... Daly himself smokes cigars on a rooftop walkway on his building -- and let guests (namely me) do the same. [If] Daly can continue to indulge as an owner while renters can't? Hmmmm. I call shenanigans." That was fun, wasn't it? Not so fun, however, are the implications of Daly's proposed anti-smoking policy, which his fellow supervisors will vote on today. If passed, said ban will prohibit smoking in all common areas of apartment buildings, condos, and residential hotels (along with public places such as restaurant patios, cabs, outdoor market, while waiting for a table — you see where we're going with this). Problem: Daly's provision makes smoking a public nuisance which, in effect, gives landlords the power to evict smokers— in fact, according to the SF Tenants Union, Daly's earth and lung-saving measure makes it easier to eject a smoker than a prostitute, drug user, or pimp. (Anyone else feeling the irony here?) At the eleventh hour, a backpedaling Daly vowed to include an anti-eviction addendum to his proposal. *Sigh.*
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