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Constructoporn Live: Real Time SPUR

You gotta hand it to SPUR, our fave urban policy think tank, for upping the ante on constructoporn. The San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association's quote-o-matic director Gabriel Metcalf pops up in media stories about city projects just about every other day— when planning reporters seek easy expert opinions, they pick up the SPUR-hardwired red phone. As reported some 10 months ago, the think tank, which currently makes its home among stuffy cubicles somewhere on Sutter Street, has broken ground on their very own Euro chic building at 654 Mission Street. Builder Nibbi Brothers has a user-controllable live webcam on its site, complete with hard hats and pedestrians to-ing and fro-ing about.
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Spur Urban Meeting Center

654 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA