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Guerilla Marketing Meets Fine Art, Noe Valley Swoons

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Behold guerilla marketing at its finest. A Noe Valleyite tipped us to the arrival of these contemplative bronze nudes on 24th Street, one of the more— how shall we say it?— idyllic pedestrian avenues in town. Yes, we would venture to guess that more than one Sarah Lawrence art history major lurks around the mean streets of Noe Valley— and we can only begin to fathom the smugness with which they greeted today's sight: "How very Rodin." (Middle-aged white dude clutching oversized L.L. Bean Boat 'n' Tote for dear life while waiting for PlumpJack's manager to open the goddamn door already.) Or: "ZOMG! I didn't know George Segal lived in San Francisco!!!" (Young co-ed picking at her nai polish while eyeing the cupcakes anxiously at Noe Valley Bakery.) Turns out that these works of "public art," as it were, are actually advertisements— for Blue Shied of California's latest health insurance campaign. Bravo, team. [Curbed SF Inbox]