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Mission Violence Drop Kicks Property Values?

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"Good Thing 1106 Treat Street is already in contract, since nothing attracts buyers better than a bloody shooting memorial right in front of your house." Indeed, Treat Street has seen more than its share of violence in the last week as a string of murders has prompted outrage in the neighborhood— concerned citizens organized a peace rally in the Mission last night to make their piece known to the city. Neighborhood watchdog Mission Mission was on hand to snap the action, as Missionites (and the rest of the city) are pressing Gav & Co. get it together on the police protection front in a neighborhood that's working desperately trying to clean up its act. So about those property values: As more condos rise in the neighborhood— and not so far from the most violent blocks, either— are owners fearing for not only their lives, but their equity? To the comments, you damn gentrifiers, you. [Curbed Inbox]