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Curbed National: Condos, Lounge Wars, and More Green Rooftops

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1) Cuningham Group Architecture has found itself on the list of "Best Places to Work in L.A." lists — they're the masterminds behind the Element,a new 50 unit Marina loft that looks like an unfinished dot-com era SF housing building. But don't let that deter you. Move-ins this fall from the mid 500's! [Curbed LA]
2) New York welcomes another new boutique hotel on the Lower East Side: Hotel Ludlow. The rendering is weak and the details scarce, but we're looking forward to yet another contender in the LES war for rooftop lounge supremacy. [Curbed]
3) Green roofs: brought to you by the Mini. Strange, isn't it, that a car company should sponsor a "creative space" on the roof of a Manhattan building? And one that looks so strangely like our soon-to-open California Academy of Sciences. [Curbed]