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Let the Campaign Begin: SF General or Bust

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Here comes Prop A, the nearly $1 billion bond to replace SF General Hospital with a giant cylinder shoehorned between two older brick buildings. The new building has widespread support among city leaders, but with voting season finally upon us, the campaign to get the bond passed may be facing an uphill slog— what with the current economic climate and the hospital's ginormous price tag. What to do? Officials are pegging the bond at $888 million, up from $887.4 million, to "take advantage of the number 8's lucky connotation in some cultures." (Fun with ethnic stereotyping!)

Primary reasons for the cost: pre-construction remediation work, and the use of a special "floating foundation." Officials are hopeful costs won't go wild Laguna Honda style ($299 million bond, real cost $750 mil), since Gavin's already sunk $25 million on preliminary planning. Please note that, as it stands, the city's plan shall also burden homeowners with an extra $289 in property tax on a $500,000 home; the rate will be adjusted according to the value of one's holdings, obviously. Will the hospital get the two-thirds thumbs up it needs? Check back Nov. 5.
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San Francisco General Hospital

1001 Potrero Ave, San Francisco, CA