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Castro Castration: Halloween Banished to AT&T Park

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It's been a rough month for Castro denizens — and not in a good way. First the outcry against the overtly-hetero hand-holding hordes of tourists looking for a little bit of local "flavor." Adding insult to injury, San Francisco's infamous Halloween festivities has been officially banished from the Castro to an AT&T Park parking lot— arguably about as far away from the Castro as a party can get, both geographically and otherwise. This one's doomed to fail from the start: a city-sponsored and regulated $30 glorified tailgate over spur-of-the-moment madness? The "communal celebration that has a little something for everybody" will feature DJs, live musical performances, costume contests, pie-eating contests, and drag queens (in some capacity, at least). Sounds like great fun for families and pissed off Castro merchants, but insanely anti-climactic for everyone else.
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[image via Flickr user Joyce Pederson]