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Enter the Feds: Presidio Plans Under Siege

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The Federal Government is kicking ass and taking names in the Presidio, as the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) has asked the Secretary of the Interior (who, by the way, advises the President) to prepare a report on the proposed changes for the land. It's getting heavy here, people: Citing a rarely-invoked section of the National Historic Preservation Act, the ACHP has given the Secretary 60 days to conjure up a report assessing the historical significance of the land, the impact of proposed projects, and how to minimize so-called "adverse effects." In other words, to perform the same song and dance that several other preservation-centric agencies have staged over the past months. (Just over a week ago, the SF Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board fired off a six-page missive to the Planning Board, raising its "concerns" over Fisher's museum, in particular.) Best case scenario: It'll be a good, long while before we see a groundbreaking in the Presidio. Worse case scenario: Adios, Gluckman Mayner. [Curbed Inbox]
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