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Bigger Box? : Lowes Bids for Home Depot Site

You can't keep the big boxes down, San Francisco. Remember all the (repeated) fuss about bringing a Home Depot to the Bayshore Drive once occupied by Goodman Lumber— the fuss that fussed on for years? Looks like Lowes is stepping up to take its place. Or to try, at least. The Home Depot idea was (repeatedly) abandoned in favor of new housing, the lagging home-repair market, and San Francisco's general vitriol towards chain stores—especially of the "big box" variety. Seriously though, we can't all be expected to patronize a local hardware store or make the trek down south to the Land of The Big Boxes can we? Oh, hell no. The plan hasn't yet been confirmed, as in true SF fashion, some area property owners are working to preempt the Lowes occupation by finding a local business to take over the site. Commence with the letter writing, phone calls, email, and protests.
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