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Paging "Puppy": Disgruntled Sub Outs Dom Agent, Ridicule Ensues

Brace for this one. According to SF Schtuff's report, a disgruntled lover recently fired off a career-ruining email blast to around 100 of their partner's closest co-workers at an undisclosed (major) local real estate company. Subject? A BDSM relationship gone wrong, corporate style. It appears that a dominant agent crossed their submissive partner one too many times; said sub (a.k.a. "puppy") elected to strike back by forwarding along a suggestive email exchange between the two. Extra bonus: 3 NSFW photos. An excerpt: "Are you ready to serve the way you need to be of service? Do you need a tighter collar? ... I have a leash for you. So let me know when you want to get back in your kennel." Shortly thereafter, the dom's company sent out the damage control patrol, insisting that the text was generated by a "computer virus" and that the dom is, in fact, a victim of Team Lulz or somesuch. That's what he said.
· Get Back In Your Kennel, Puppy [SF Schtuff]