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NIMBY Stirrings In The Sunset

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Is the Sunset destined for density? Will it go the way of North Beach and become a magnet for NIMBYs and protracted neighborhood infighting? Stirring up the controversy are some new developments planned for the nabe: a mixed-use project rising at Cambon Drive that includes 192 condos and 14,000 sq ft of retail, 5,000 new units at Park Merced, and 657 housing units at SFSU. Supervisor Sean Elsbernd is asking the Board of Supes to put a temporary zoning smackdown on the area and asks that in the future, we all think a little bit harder about proposed developments. The main prob: traffic on 19th and the threat to pedestrians. 1,205 injuries and 12 deaths in the last five years is nothing to scoff at, and the worry is that the death toll will only rise with the influx of condos. So yeah...maybe the Sunset really should do a little soul searching before moving forward with development. Surely it's only a matter of time before they start fighting about missing their hardware stores.?
· Could 19th Avenue be more scary? [SF Examiner]