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Gavin Declares Civic Center “Sustainable Resource District”

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According to Gavin's latest decree, the Civic Center will soon be known as the city's "Sustainable Resource District" as part of a three year initiative designed to greenwash the homeless green the area surrounding the court house. The going plan calls for an 80 percent reduction in water use and 45 percent in wastewater discharge; 33 percent annual energy reduction, use of renewable energy to meet 35 percent of the city's power demand, and reduction of the city's overall carbon footprint by 2,225 tons annually. Gavin's other pet projects for 2009 include the installation of living roofs, public wifi, and solar panels— and new landscaping for the front yard, as pictured above. Utopia now!
· San Francisco’s Civic Center Soon to Become a “Sustainable Resource District” [SF Citizen]

[Image courtesy KMD architects]