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Landlords Slap the Spite on SF General

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Just when we started thinking that the SF General Hospital overhaul would go off without a hitch, some landlords have jumped in to ruin the fun for everyone. Why? Political spite, of course: It seems that city law allows property owners to pass on a portion of a water system tax to their tenants, but despite repeated promises from the Newsom administration, they are not permitted to do the same with a tax for sewer-related projects. This, they feel, is unjust, and a lobbyist for the city's landlords had promised to take their frustrations out on the hospital bond — and now that's exactly what has happened. So The Coalition for Better Housing has mobilized a well-financed committee to work against Proposition A, the $888 million bond that will fund the SF General update. (Also worth mentioning: their new consultant is nicknamed "The Giant Killer." ) That has the mayor's office nervous enough to slap together a compromise in hopes of preempting an increase in opposition to Prop A, which up until now has enjoyed widespread support. Unfortunately, said compromise still needs to pass by the Board of Supervisors -- and at the moment, it looks like a no-go. In response to Gav & Co.'s landlord-appeasing proposal, Supervisor Aaron Peskin actually said, "I'm not interested in negotiating with terrorists." Come election day, it looks like this one might be a little closer than we thought.
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