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Andre Inspires Fresh Rash of Haight Graff

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It looks like internationally renown graffiti artist and professional propagandist Shepard Fairey (or rather, a few of his followers) has once again made his presence felt in San Francisco after last week's White Walls gallery opening. First (and best) known for his "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" campaign, but gained prominence with his recent Barack Obama posters. While perhaps not as politically savvy as last week's "Obama Yo Mama" or as culturally relevant as Mission favorite "I WISH YOU COULD STAY IN THE PLAYA FOREVER TOO," a member of the Curbed Corps of Camera-phone Commenters snapped this photo of an old-school Obey sticker—one of many in this latest rash on an Ashbury Street fire plug. (And at least a good 10-plus years after the fact no less!) Vigilantes, to the comments. [Curbed Inbox]