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New Nabe Alert: SoMa's "Transit Center District"

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With an eye to the future, John King takes a looks at some of the changes coming to the recently named "Transit Center District" as the SoMa skyline is transformed by 700-1,000 foot-high skyscrapers. There is a valid fear that the TCD could become a sterile ravine of glass and expensive suits — so the Planning Department has started to take measures to ensure that the coming changes don't have a negative effect on the "feel" of the neighborhood. So the question remains, how do you make a potentially cavernous district more pedestrian friendly? In a word, trees. In three words, lots of trees. And of course, by taking other boring-but-necessary precautions like limiting the width of lobbies and storefronts, and by preventing garage-entrances and loading docks from facing major streets. Will it work? We'll find out by 2014, when commuters and SoMa workers make their daily trek from the city's new Tower of Babel through its newest greentopia.
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