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Gavin Says: Halloween, Meet Sunday Streets

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With a predictable Halloween flop at AT&T Park a mere month away, the mayor's office seems to be inching ever so slightly toward a new Halloween tradition for the city. Gavin's brainstorm? A merger of sorts: Halloween, meet Sunday Streets, Gavin's pet Embarcadero street-closure project. Now that the party's gotten its head chopped off (first the move from Castro, then the fall-through of the adults-only portion), the city seems to be looking to breathe some new life into the annual tradition that they so happily and accidentally road-killed. The tentative plan now will be for a sort of threepeat of Sunday Streets— a closure of the Embarcadero on Oct. 31 for costumed revelers. But will we see vampires and drag queens on rollerblades? Fingers: crossed.
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