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Presidio Revealed: Preservationists Pounce

Before the Presidio was the National Park we know, love, and fight to the death to "save," it was El Presidio, a Spanish settlement dating back to the 18th century that's usually considered to be birthplace of San Francisco. Unfortunately for preservationists and history-sleuths everywhere, many of the Presidio's original buildings have been lost to the elements and the few remains are near-impossible to date. Enter the lasers, radar guns, and digging crews: a sandstone building foundation was uncovered near the main flagpole just last week. Quite the historical discovery— and fuel for the anti-development fires that rage through the parade grounds. Will archaeologists uncover a bunch of broken glass and a Richard Serra sculpture or two years from now? Paging Indy ...
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The Presidio Trust

34 Graham Street, San Francisco, CA 94129