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Screw Sunday Streets: New Closure for North Beach?

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Certain North Beach denizens have their fingers crossed for yet another street closure, this one for keeps. No, not the North Beach Triangle one. Another one: the stretch of Vallejo between Columbus and Grant. The plan, which had until recently been mired in "dream stage" for years, was just recently submitted to the city. Says one optimistic resident: "Now we have a mayor who supports this kind of thing." (Nice timing, guy.) If closed to car traffic, the block would be turned into a stroll-happy piazza, good for espresso sipping, shrine visiting, and otherwise cavorting about as normally done in charming European squares. Unlike the proposed library street closure, neighbors seem to be behind this one. Even the normally resistant shopkeeper contingent seems supportive— one calls it a "brilliant idea." Peskin, can we get a witness?
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