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Slow Food Nation: The Pavilion Report

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Our brethren at Eater SF pulled a little OT this past weekend at Slow Food Nation, the first-time festival of all things organic/ free-range/ what-have-you that overtook Fort Mason and Civic Center for three relentless days. Some of San Francisco's most venerated architects designed a series of foodie-friendly crack dens Tasting Pavilions, which were set up at sold-out Fort Mason. And we have the report: According to Eater operatives, the Pavilions were "a bit of a let-down," especially given the reputations of their makers. Shouts went to the Beer Pavilion (Randolph Designs), Pickle Pavilion (Sagan Piechota) and Fish Pavilion (Marta Fry Landscape Associates). Other sources claimed Stanley Saitowitz's Bread Pavilion as "not that notable," though points were awarded for the three ovens he managed to squeeze inside. Civic Center = clusterfuck. End of story. Incidentally (or not-so-incidentally) Eater also reported that A) It was all about Gavin and Jennifer— when isn't it?— and B) the Native American Pavilion was not only small, but relegated to the corner. Things that make you go hmmmm ...
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