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North Beach Shitshow, Cont'd: Restos Rejected, Pagoda Approved

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The Planning Commission jumped into bed with Peskin & Pals at last evening's meeting, by throwing their support behind a proposed ban on new restaurant and bar spaces in North Beach. If passed— and really, is that possibility even in question?— only those businesses previously operated as restos or bars shall be permitted to do so once more. Otherwise, one has the option of opening up a fey little knick-knack shop or, as certain members of the North Beach elite so desperately desire, a mom & pop hardware store that surely won't fall to Big Business if we all simply squeeze our eyes shut hard, clamp our paws over our ears, and believe it so. A moment of Shock and Awe befell us then, upon hearing that the Pagoda Theater may be grandfathered in should this legislation pass, which means that current plans to develop the site into 17 residential units, underground parking, and ground floor restaurant space may proceed as planned. Knowing the rather beefy history between Peskin, cronies from warring neighborhood associations, and Pagoda owner Joe Campos, however, we're not holding our breath. Or perhaps we should: It's a serious shitshow in there, people -- we mean it.
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