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MTA Metaphors: Church and Duboce Score $28M Shoes

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The traffic clusterfuck at Church and Duboce has prompted SFMTA spokesman Judson True to wax poetic about the state of Muni: "In some places our tracks are like a worn pair of shoes — if you step over a rock, you can feel it. We need new shoes." Nice metaphor, Judson. The SFMTA— perhaps after cracking open their complaint box— has taken notice of the down-on-its-luck intersection, and wants to make amends. At the nexus of the N-Judah, J-Church, 22-Fillmore, and plenty of car, pedestrian, and bike traffic, a $28 million project will provide some much-needed sprucing up of tracks, paving, and street poles, while creating longer (and perhaps wider) boarding islands and adding trees and street furniture. The many and various upgrades will take place simultaneously— the upshot being that things will probably only get crazier before they get better. New shoes: on hold.
· Duboce Avenue facelift causes concerns [SF Examiner]