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Halloween at AT&T Park: The Other Shoe Drops

From the Gee Why Are We Not Surprised Department: the fake Castro Halloween this year (exiled, if you'll recall, to a parking lot at AT&T Park), has significantly downsized because it hasn't signed on enough event sponsors. The original idea called for a two-parter on the night of the festivities: 1) a free, early-evening event for all ages (read: for tots and families), and 2) a $31 nighttime event with DJs, live music, and drag queens (read: some officially sanctioned semblance of the celebration formerly known as Halloween in the Castro). But now that sponsors have failed to show in sufficient numbers, the fun part looks like it's going to get the axe. Fear not, rabble rousers— the city has a contingency plan. And that is to advise promoters to throw their own parties. Well played, everyone.
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