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Certified: Supes Pass Central Subway EIR

Ratified in a Board of Supes 10-0 vote: one Central Subway EIR. And for a second there we thought EIR hell was just the way things went around here— just ask the SF Bike Plan. After all, there were numerous concerns floating about the notorious Chinatown line: inflated ridership estimates, the cost-to-benefit ratio of the $1.4 billion project, the exit location of the tunnel-boring machine, what have you. Sweep the grumbling under the rug— with the EIR rubber-stamped, the Central Subway will extend the T-Third line with a surface station at Brannan and three underground stations at Moscone, Union Square/Market Street, and Chinatown. Transbay Blog has the final word: "... in the end, attempts to displace the flawed analysis in the EIR were overshadowed by the iron strong political motivations underpinning the Central Subway."
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