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Welcome to the Gayborhood: Castro Red Lines Gawkers

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Castro residents are painting the town red in response to an increasing (and rather irritating, if not outright appalling) trend: Chartered buses have taken to dumping tourists off in the 'hood with the express purpose of gawking at the gays in all their rainbow flag waving, ass-shaking, lubed-up glory. Simple solution: make parking illegal in the first place. Following last evening's MTA meeting, the restricted zone that such buses tent to park in shall be marked as such with the same red curbs that strike fear into the hearts of desperate drivers city-wide. Brillz, if we do say— gay or straight, no local wants to waste their time with repressed out-of-towners looking to fulfill their latent desires at the San Francisco "freak show." Tourists, you've been red-lined.
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[Image courtesy sfnl]