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North Beach Alcohol Ban: Even NIMBY's Like to Drink

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North Beach denizens are tired of public drunkenness and general rowdiness, and they're supporting a plan to put a halt to new restaurants and bars in their neighborhood. (Question: What isn't North Beach tired of?) The legislation, drunk dialed introduced by Supervisor Aaron Peskin would restrict new alcohol permits and prohibit new eateries, bars, and ATMs from taking over nabe staples such as grocery stores and dry cleaners. As one might expect, many are chafing at the mere suggestion— bringing out the claws for the North Beach Chamber of Commerce, Marsha Garland deemed the proposed ordinance "totalitarian," while he president of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association recently gave props to North Beach's extraordinary ability to "make an art form out of blocking development." Not to be outdone, Telegraph Hill Dwellers Chief of Staff Nancy Shanahan waxed nostalgic about the neighborhood's hardware stores— they're all gone now, people. Gone. Pass or no pass, the bill isn't the first to try to curb the neighborhood's excesses: early-morning pizza bans and patron-tracking hand stamps have also been considered.
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