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Bayview: The Neighborhood that Reads

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Neighborhood re-brand! A new Bayview library could be the largest branch in the city— if all goes as planned, the building adjacent to the existing library will be purchased and wrecked (along with the libe itself) in 2010; ETA: 2011. Thomas Hacker Architects and Karin Payson Architects + Design unveiled preliminary drawings yesterday and attendees were quick to make their opinions known (in a friendly way, for once). Shocker: neighbors actually spoke out against the green roof. Screw LEED— it's ugly! Other issues: Should the building adopt a more "afro-centric" design? An open footprint, or a more closed, "secure" one? With the Bayview branch now in process, the Ingleside Library currently under construction, and the North Beach Library in environmental review, it looks like The Branch Library Improvement Program (BLIP), passed eight years ago, is actually coming to fruition. Imagine.
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