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Shocker: SoMa Condo Sales on the Rise

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What a fine day for market watching: San Francisco's high rise condo stock is faring pretty well these days with most of the new construction projects around the city on their way to full occupancy. Our shining beacons of condo living—One Rincon and the Infinity— are the best metrics by which we can measure the state of affairs; both debuted on the market in June of 2006, but the Infinity recently pulled ahead in sales, with an impressive closing rate of 50 units per month. One Rincon is closing at a rate of 40 units per month, while "enthusiastic" buyers at new kid on the block, Millennium Tower, will soon move toward contract. Sales success seems to depend on zip code: The Infinity, One Rincon, and Millennium Towers are all in or near SoMa — a hot spot for both commercial and residential real estate. In Bayview however, things aren't quite so great, with some condos showing very, very (very) slow sales and others making the hard decision to halt construction completely. Of course, the tables will begin to turn once Gave & Lennar do their thing— Exciting times for SF development, def.
· S.F. condominium sales strong in recent months [SF Gate]

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