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Eater Tastings: R.I.P. Rubicon, Hello Blue Bottle

Recap! Welcome to the week that was at Eater SF.

[R.I.P., Rubicon]

1) Confirmed: Eater scores the scoop on the "indefinite" closing of 14 year-old Rubicon. Bauer calls it the "death of an Institution."
2) Bluntly put, are San Francisco's restaurants boring? Or, to soften the blow a bit, does aesthetic sense simply take a back seat to food and service? You decide.
3) Paging Jerry Springer: House of Shields bartender flies off handle, hoses non-tippers with soda water, slings pint glass bombs. Mayhem!
4) Can you say "Blue Bottle?" The revered coffee house plans to set up shop in the Ferry Building come fall. Best of luck to you, Peet's.

Blue Bottle Coffee Kiosk

315 Linden Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 415 252 7535