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This Just In: San Francisco Is Very Walkable

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Hey, we know what a slow news day is like, too. Today the Examiner profiles the city's extreme walkability, canvassing neighborhoods for ordinary-folk quotes about just how darn walkable we are. Like this one: "One reason the Haight is a great place to walk is because you've got so many public transportation routes nearby. Plus, when the weather gets nice, and all the tourists come out, you get to see all the beautiful girls." Oh ... OK. San Francisco's so walkable, in fact, that we took home the prize for most walkable city in America, as you'd do very well to recall. Few surprises here: our most ped-friendly neighborhoods include the Mission and Duboce Triangle, while "most heavily used" areas include Chinatown, the FiDi, Haight-Ashbury, etc. you know the ones. Thumbs down to: SoMa and the 19th Avenue corridor, while the Sunset and Richmond districts get distinction for "least used."
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