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Brace, NIMBY's: Eastern Neighborhood Plan Approved Today

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The San Francisco Planning Commission is expected to approve the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan today, which calls for the drastic rezoning of the East SoMa, The Mission, Central Waterfront, and Potrero Hill neighborhoods. The scheme, which has actually been described as "cutting edge"— a superlative we've never associated with San Francisco planning— allows for the possible addition of thousands of homes to the area, promising to change the character of affected neighborhoods; 7,500 new homes will replace 2 million square feet of space devoted to shipping and receiving and whatever else people do around there. Developers will be slapped with "community improvement fees" of $6-$8 per square foot of new construction, which will be used (ostensibly) to expand area parks and transportation services. *80* projects are currently on hold, awaiting approval of the plan. Assuming things go well today, the drama isn't over. The next step: gaining approval from The Board of Supervisors. [Insert Peskin/ Daly/ Ammiano barb here]
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[Map courtesy the Chron]