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Comment Roundup: Haight Hates 690 Stanyan?

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The opinions, oh how they've flowed from the Haight as the potential Whole Foods-sponsored development at 690 Stanyan Street has become the subject of a very heated debate in the neighborhood. As it stands, the project's developer has characterized the 62-condo-plus-Whole Foods megalith as a being tucked nice and tight into its "death bed," as nabe associations and Supe Mirkarimi have given the project a less-than-warm reception. And so, we go on the record:

rubiesf: I live in the Haight-Ashbury area, and I'd love the WF deal to go through. That parking lot, as it is, and the park area across from it seem to encourage more crime, druggies, and sketchiness, but I think the WF/condo complex and the security involved might just help to clean up the neighborhood. The HANC needs to start taking pride in their 'hood and stop letting it go to the (homeless, sad-looking, and obviously hungry) dogs. reconiex: whole foods should be ashamed to support some crap architecture like this... oh wait, nevermind.. potrero just came to mind.. blech! down with crap architecture in important locations. this is not an 'infill' location. it deserves better.

Comment #23: Dirty white kids from Marin slangin weed to feed their pit bulls got you this much up in arms?? Good thing you haven't discovered the Tenderloin yet. Go back the burbs, assholes.

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