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Comment Roundup: Nothing's Wrong With Dolores Park!!!

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Nothing like a good, hearty neighborhood rally. Sayeth our readers on Monday's post regarding recent talks of a crack down in Dolores Park:

Commenter #1: If any of our esteemed city management- rec and parks, supr dufty, dpw, sfpd, dpt, would just look at the clusterf**k caused, not by the quantity or diversity of people, but the shameful lack of attention in services that should be allocated, maybe we could get somewhere. How about Dufty holding his meeting at 8 pm on Sunday evening IN Dolores park among the aftermath of a beautiful weekend? Herb Urb: I agree with the posters who rightly point out that the park used to be weird and slightly unsafe. Now that it isn't, we should be celebrating like all those who descend on it each weekend. What is it with events that are fun, become popular, and then a shit storm erupts from locals who don't want any event near them.

Comment #3: I'm not wild about the garbage, but Dolores Park is a far healthier place and better asset to the City than it was just a few years ago. It wasn't too long ago the place was overrun with drug dealers who on one occasion literally attacked the park volunteers who strayed into their turf.

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