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Approved: Supes Give in on Sunday Streets

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Despite concerns over traffic and lost revenue from businesses in Fisherman's Wharf, the mayor's "Sunday Streets", plan to open up 4.6 miles of streets to a pedestrian-only crowd is moving forward. After some deliberation (and despite Peskin's best efforts), the Board of Supervisors decided that an economic impact report, which would have most likely delayed the event, is not going to be necessary — good news for those looking to strut and flirt their way down the city's newest promenade, bad news for the aforementioned Fisherman's Wharf businesses. Some of those merchants are so worried that they're considering filing a lawsuit against the city. But those of you with less litigious streak will have a chance to enjoy what one event organizer calls "Lots of events and activities for people to really get a chance to see what it feels like to be physically active"— and to explore Bayview, perhaps for the first time. The Sunday Streets event will take place from 9am-1pm on August 31st and September 14th.
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