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Paradox: Recycling Center May Violate City's Plan

For as "green" as we like to think of ourselves, it sure is hard to build a recycling center in San Francisco; a new facility proposed for John McLaren Park may already have to find a new home due to concerns have arisen that building on the proposed location— a playground and proposed green-space— violates the city's charter and general plan. (Yes, we do have a "charter" and "general plan"— and here we thought this town ran on improvisation alone!) First, neighbors spoke out against a center in the Haight, and now the Housing Authority and the Recreation and Park Department will have to prove that the proposed Center falls into line with the rest of the city. Otherwise, it's back-up time. Plan B: a site within the Sunnydale public-housing project. Which as you can imagine, is going over really well with the neighbors. The stalemate continues.
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[image via the Examiner]